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The miracle, you have never heard of. 

What is it, and how does it work so well? We would say it's not brain science, but, is. 

Step 1: Learn your brainwaves 

Your brain runs on brain waves, let's meet 3 of them. 








Beta: If your brain is creating too many fast beta waves, you may experience anxiety.

Alpha: This medium-speef brainwave is the sweet spot, it keeps you calm and focused, you know that feeling when you feel like everything is getting done and going your way? Well, that's probably thanks to this Alpha waves. 

Theta: If your brain is creating too many slow theta waves, you may have a hard time being alert and focusing. 

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Step 2: Why you feel so bad






When you feel less than your best, chances are one of these waves are off.

If you always make too much beta, you're likely to be anxious.

If you make too much theta, you can feel spacey and not able to focus

If you're also not making enough of the balanced alpha waves, it will make both issues worse. 


Step 3: The Solution (Workout your brain)

  1. In Neurofeedback, a headband reads your brainwaves, like a thermometer reads your temperature.

  2. This band is connected wirelessly to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth. You can use this combo to workout your brain for about 20-30 mins.

  3. Next, pick a nice Youtube video to watch in the workout app, as you're watching the video the band is sensing your waves and let's you know how you're doing. 

  1. When your brain makes too much beta (anxiety) or theta (lack of focus), the screen gets dim and really hard to read, almost like someone turned your brightness all the way down.

  2. The second it goes back to nice balanced alpha, the screen becomes bright and easy to see.

  3. Back and forth it goes, hundreds of times in the 20-minute session. Every time it does this, your brain is being rewarded for making more "good brainwaves", the ones that help you feel calm and focused. 








  1. Over the course of 30-45 sessions, your brain learns to make these waves in real life. If you normally get anxious in a situation, say in class, at work or with your family, your brain now learns to stay calm and focused in those same situations. 

20 mins a day, 4 times a week, for 90 days.

With lasting results, and a money-back guarantee*.


Because we believe so strongly that this will change your life. 

*Guaranteed reduction in symptoms or your money back.
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