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Why meditation works.

People often wonder what makes meditation so special. A quick Google search will show you all of the benefits, larger grey matter in the brain, better focus, less anxiety, etc. But what makes it so damn special?

Ask a meditator and they may express the unexplainable bliss of sitting and doing nothing. It's as simple as that. Everything needs a break, what makes our brains any different? Imagine just sitting there and letting your brain just be. People in the past must have had much more time, given the simple lives. Fast forward to the present day and our brain barely gets a break.

When our brains just idle, or simply put do nothing, they are actually doing a lot. We typically see the theta frequency increase and the brain carries out much-needed maintenance tasks. Things we have learned and experienced are sent to long-term memory, our short-term memory cleaned out and who knows what else essential tasks may be carried out.

Simply put, your brain needs a break. Whereas in the past we would wait in line or at the table for our food at a restaraunt and simply stare out the window or look around us, we are now putting the brain to work processing lots of data from our phones. While this may be fun for us, it is work for our brains. It has to process changing data in seconds and has no time to take a break like it would in the past. What is worse is that it still craves being engaged in technology because of the high levels of dopamine that it gives us. It basically becomes a workaholic, where it knows it needs a rest but can't resist doing work anyway.

Meditation is a way out. A quick 3 -10 minutes can give your brain a vital boost. Consider that, just 3 minutes of meditation a day can do wonders for your brain. Give your processing a pal a break today and start seeing the benefits in less than a week.

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